Live Fit Races

Please Observe Social Distancing

Please take social distancing seriously but get out and have some fun (backyard or back street).  

Please be considerate of those around you while participate in any active lifestyle event. 

Conquering at Your Own Pace

Participate at you own speed.  Everyone has their own road ahead. Start traversing yours today. 

Let us know if you have a great idea for an At Home event.  We can help you create your own

Our Vision

Creating opportunity to better oneself through active lifestyle event.

Our Mission

To inspire communities to be physically and financially healthier.

One step. One roll. One challenge at a time.

Our Values

Trust, Partnership, Integrity

Our Strategy

Offer creative and inspiring opportunities for anyone to be active regardless of location.

Our Strength

Experience and Expertise

What makes Live Fit Races Unique and One of the World's Leading Providers in the Industry?

We have been making products for over 25 years.  

We are the company behind the scenes providing the quality products of well known brands, state Parks & Rec, national and local charities, at reduced costs to help support their charities

Richard Spencer - Founder

Welcome to Live Fit Races, part of the Ricky Brands, LLC group of companies.

Live Fit Races was created as a way for our clients to continue offering active lifestyle events, raise funds and generate revenue, during the Covid 19 crisis.  Our signature events are always For A Cause.  This means that 20% of the registration proceeds go to charity. 

We are a product based company with nearly 30 years experience. 

We hope you will like us on FB and IG, and be sure to check out of Monthly Box, coming soon

In 1993 I started my manufacturing and print decorating company.  At that time our primary products consisted of a full line of patented cycling / sports bottles and a custom 32oz bottle carrier.

The uniqueness of our products and their functionality enabled us to file and receive multiple patents.  The success of our own line enabled us to partner with PepsiCo, where I am co-inventor for products we designed and produced. This partnership was the precursor to the PepsiCo acquisition of Gatorade.  The success of this program had our products placed globally and in movies.  In fact, if you have seen On Any Given Sunday, our custom 32oz bottle and carrier were used on the sidelines and can be seen during the football games.

As wildly successful as the partnership with PepsiCo., our most recognizable and copied product was our 21oz wide mouth bottle.  This design still sets the standard in the bike and fitness industry.

Why share this?  Because it is important to show that we bring an expertise that separates us from our competitors.  Our history provides us a unique advantage over our competitors and shows how we continue to successfully produce and deliver.  In fact we have delivered over 8 million products in the last 5 years and helped thousands of customers. 

We create partnerships that go beyond order taking.  Products are simply the end result of understanding a need and then our job is to ensure delivery, on time and every time.

Products come and go but our partnerships last.

We do business the old fashioned way. 

A better way.

Thank you.